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In Greenis-Store.com we sell juice extractors or slow juicers by the conviction that produce benefits on health. The cold press juicer obtains not only fruit juice but also vegetables. In brief also we will market professional blenders. Through the slow juicer many people have been eating a diet rich in vegetables that have helped to overcome diseases. And professional blenders are ideal to complement our healthy lifestyle.

For us, customers come first, and human values ​​are what make our way. In an impersonal world where it seems that robots were manufactured, instead of human birth, Greenis-Store.com commitment to the essence of people, for humanity to thrive thanks to the Human. Some time ago we began this journey by the conviction of supplying products that help others, and to live in such a way that working longer work for a lifestyle. The road is not easy, and not get in the overnight, but in that short time can generate the energy to walk the path that we look.

Thanks to all who joined in our way, and thanks for not see these words as someone idealistic and dreamy ... because the reality is that we create, and create, we must imagine.


Oscar Fernandez.